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Our references

Customers who are similar to us and bring us together !

Since the creation of Clavis, the quality of our relationship with our customers has been at the heart of our commitments and our concerns. There is a reason why large international translation agencies and major players in the digital economy have placed their trust in us for so many years.

Who are Clavis » customers ?

French companies

That are becoming international and want to develop their business abroad

They provide their communication and marketing in at least two languages in order to make available to their potential customers technical documents tailored to each of their products.

  • SMEs and SMIs and their subsidiaries from all sectors

French SMEs and VSEs

That manage and serve foreign
customers and visitors

They work in the tourism, restaurant or hotel sector and wish to communicate about their services in several languages, in both print and online.

  • Hotels, restaurants, airports, travel agencies, guides, etc.


That include the translation of documents
in their catalogues of services

They want to provide a comprehensive solution in several languages and integrate multilingualism into their services and digital tools (website, blog, online sales).

  • Communication agencies, news websites, translation agencies, etc.


That want to set up
their business in France

To do this, they have to comply with the TOUBON law, make marketing and technical documents available in French and communicate with French customers thanks to localised marketing.

  • Subsidiaries of foreign groups wishing to localise and translate their technical and business documents

Companies from
the digital sector

That would like to adapt their offers
to the French or foreign markets

By localising their digital and software solutions, and by adapting their communication to the French market.

  • Software publishers, startups, IOT designers, telecommunications, terminals, hardware, etc.
Do you have a translation or localisation project ?
Our sales team can provide you with an estimate for the work.