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IT and new technologies

IT translation and NICT : our core business for 25 years !

Founded by a computer engineer who wanted to share his skills to produce high quality translations, the Clavis company has always carried out translations for the IT and new technologies sector.

Nos traducteurs produisent, pour de grands noms de l’informatique et du numérique, des contenus dans de nombreuses langues.

On a daily basis

Our translators produce content in many languages for the big names of the IT and digital sectors.

A large part of our clientele works in the IT and NICT sector. Our customers include search engine designers, online traders, specialists in Artificial Intelligence, developers of connected objects, start-ups, software publishers, service and consultancy companies, manufacturers of computer terminals and hardware, etc.

Trust the specialists

Our customers have understood the importance of adapting their offers to suit French or foreign markets and to respect the Toubon law. This law obliges companies who establish themselves in France to translate the entirety of their documentation, offers of employment and even software into French.

Our IT and NICT translation expertise

Translating technical

We take charge of the translation of online help, chatbots, FAQ, technical help, technical documents, etc.

Adapting your communication
to target markets

We translate your sales brochures, as well as your technical and marketing tutorials.

Localising your digital
and software solutions

We perform the translation of the user interface, the adaptation of buttons and dialogue boxes, the visual verification of the translation and the online help, etc.

Translating your working

We translate specifications, technical or audit reports, job application files, replies to calls for tenders, etc.

We also translate

websites and mobile applications

In order to simplify and optimise the production of IT and NICT translations, we use digital solutions and an organisational structure that make it possible to reuse them and also strengthen the consistency of our translations, such as : business and technical glossaries, translation memories, dedicated translators who are specialists in the business sector, etc.

Would you like to develop an IT solution beyond your borders ?
Does your application deserve to be known on other continents ?
Do your investors require an English version of your website and your application ?
Do you not want to miss any export opportunities ?
Contact our sales manager today

From the NICT sector and with several years of missions as a project manager for major IT companies, he will be able to answer your questions and provide you with all the necessary information.