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Communication and media

Translate your communication tools without betraying your messages

Communication agencies or media houses, you are increasingly being asked for content to be translated into languages as diverse as English, Russian or Chinese, in order to cope with the globalisation of trade and the economy.

nous constatons chaque jour que de nombreux secteurs économiques sont confrontés à l’obligation de produire des contenus multilingues.

In our region

Every day we notice that many economic sectors are faced with the obligation to produce multilingual content.

Hotel owners see new guests arriving from Russia and China. Restaurant owners offer menus in various languages. The publishers of tourism brochures or guides seek the help of web agencies and communication agencies for the creation of communication tools in various languages.

Speak the same language as your customers !

Our customers have learned that by speaking their customers’ language they build up a relationship of trust that often translates into an increase in turnover.

We bring them real expertise
in the translation of content
and meet the expectations of :

French SMEs and VSEs

that manage and serve foreign customers and visitors (hotels, restaurants, airports, travel agents, guides, etc.) and need :

  • To offer their services in several languages
  • To provide their (paper-based and online) communication in several languages

Service companies

that include the translation of documents in their service offer (communication agencies, information websites, translation agencies, etc.)

  • To provide a comprehensive communication and writing solution in several languages
  • To integrate multilingualism into their services and digital tools (website, blog, online sales)

We translate

brochures, newspapers, websites, blogs,
and also chatbots and tutorials.

In order to simplify and optimise the production of translations, we use IT solutions and an organisational structure that make it possible to reuse them and also strengthen the consistency of our translations, such as : business and technical glossaries, translation memories, dedicated translators who are specialists in the business sector, etc.

Would you like to

Promote your business and speed up your sales to foreign customers ?
Build a relationship of trust with your customers and foreign visitors in print or online ?
Offer new services to your customers ?
Contact us today to obtain a personalised quote