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Our areas of expertise

The skills of qualified translators specialising in your business sector.


Our translators are qualified and specialists in your profession

Over the last 25 years, we have gained expertise in a wide variety of sectors, including IT,
tourism and the pharmaceutical industry, and in particular :
IT and new technologies
For a long time, we have regularly worked for IT and new technology companies, be they major players at international level, ambitious start-ups or online stores. Simply put, the translation of documents, applications and content for IT has been our core business for more than 25 years.
The medical and pharmaceutical sector
Internationalisation and the sharing of medical knowledge make a good quality technical translation increasingly precious, especially for information sheets and technical documents, the use of which has a direct impact on patients » health. Whether they are manufacturing medical devices or developing biotechnologies, our customers seek to ensure the conformity of their translations.
Communication and media
Sales brochures, newsletters or websites… it is difficult these days to go without a multilingual version of communication tools. Communication agencies and media editors are looking for translations adapted to their sector of activity that can guarantee high quality content production and convey their image in all languages.

Would you like to

Ensure the commercial success, in a foreign country, of the products or services you offer ?
Adapt your products and your communications to the market ?
Accelerate sales and reduce the lead time for contract signature ?

The solution

Guarantee the quality of your translations thanks to the expertise of our qualified translators

A good translation involves excellent knowledge of our customers » markets and business sector, so we can assure them that the vocabulary, conventions and technical terms specific to their profession are adhered to.
Each field has its own codes, vocabulary and practices, which have to be integrated into translations in order to ensure a match between your messages and your target.

When ensuring the quality of your translations, our knowledge of your line of business is a real plus !