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"; $text["home.box2Button"]="More info"; $text["home.box3"]="Join us!"; $text["home.box3Txt"]="We are looking for linguistic partners."; $text["home.box3Button"]="Contact us"; $text["home.welcome"]="The whole team at Clavis welcomes you!"; $text["home.kesakoTitle"]="Translation : but what does that mean?"; $text["home.kesakoText"]="Often unrecognized or misjudged, translation is a demanding task that requires many skills. Rigor, extended general knowledge, mastering of several languages, organizational skills, and intellectual curiosity: this is just the profile of any professional translator..."; $text["home.more"]="More"; $text["home.infoTitle"]="Quality and reactivity define us!"; $text["home.infoText"]="The efficiency of our work is achieved through a relationship based on trust. This is why we endeavour to offer premium translations and first-class services."; $text["home.infoTextB"]="Our goal is your satisfaction."; $text["home.contactus"]="Contact us"; $text["home.phone"]="Phone"; $text["home.fax"]="Fax"; $text["home.email"]="E-mail"; $text["home.seemap"]="See the map"; $text["downloadBrochure"]="Download our brochure (in French)"; $text["about.title"]="The expertise of professionals for globalization"; $text["services.title"]="A dynamic team for quality translations"; $text["partners.title"]="A long-term partnership based on trust"; $text["about.main"]="Société ClaviS was created in November 1992 by Christian Manuel to provide IT services. In 1997, with the economic globalization, the company chose to offer localization services."; $text["about.main2"]="Over the years, as activity increased and new projects came in, the team welcomed new members. It is now composed of two project managers, Claire and Emmanuelle, and a dozen internal translators. We also work regularly with freelancers whom we consider as part of the team. "; $text["about.main3"]="For almost 15 years, we have been offering our know-how to major global companies. Located in the technology park of Sophia Antipolis, we are evolving in a thrilling environment of innnovation and challenges."; $text["about.main4"]="Building on their multiple skills in various fields, especially in localization, our enthusiastic translation team combines rigor and efficiency to provide high quality work.

"; $text["about.infoTextB"]="Our priority is to satisfy your needs."; $text["services.main"]="Our professional team offers you high-quality linguistic services: "; $text["services.main2"]="We have been in charge of projects in various fields of expertise such as: "; $text["services.main3"]="We use the necessary computer-aided tools required for technical translation, including SDL Trados, DéjàVu, Passolo, Catalyst, to name a few."; $text["services.quote"]="Ask for a quote"; $text["partners.logo"]="Our partners"; $text["partners.main"]="Interested in joining our team?"; $text["partners.main2"]="You are a freelance translator expert in your area(s) of specialization, and you are looking for a reliable company to work with, please contact us! We will answer you as soon as possible."; $text["partners.form"]="Contact us"; $text["contact.formTitle"]="Contact us"; $text["contact.formText"]="For a quote, more information about us or to send your details, please fill in the form below or call +33 (0)492 949 221."; $text["contact.success"]="Thank you for contacting us. We will reply to your message as soon as possible."; $text["contact.failure"]="Error: your message could not be sent. Please try again."; $text["contact.quote"]="Quote"; $text["contact.infos"]="Information"; $text["contact.application"]="Application"; $text["contact.email"]="Your email"; $text["contact.subject"]="Subject"; $text["contact.message"]="Message"; $text["contact.emailerror"]="Please enter a valid email address"; $text["contact.submit"]="Send your message"; ?> Clavis -